Tuesday, July 29, 2008

San Diego Eats

Another great thing about vacations is all the great food! Calories never seem to matter when you're on vacation. Then you come back and realize that your clothes are even tighter than when you left! Who the hell is going to say "no" to a Ghirardelli sundae? Besides, we needed energy to battle the crowds at Comic Con right? It was split between 2 people, so really it was half the calories! Are you with me?

Here's the after picture...

On another day, we needed a place to eat a good dinner. The Fish Market was a great place. We ate dinner outside by the water. Awesome fish and clam chowder.

Thumbs up on the apple crisp ala mode. Hmm...that picture makes it look gianormous.

Then there was Dick's in Gaslamp...

We wanted a quick bite to eat on Saturday before braving the crowds, and it was quite an interesting experience. It's their "thing" to be rude and kind of obnoxious. We found it pretty comical. Here's our server...

I think Bruce said that the decor reminded him of Roadhouse. Never saw the movie but felt like I lived it after eating at this place. Surprisingly, my salmon was pretty good.

We were also on a mission to find this gelato place that we read about in one of those tour guide magazines. We found it!!

So, it wasn't Ghirardelli, but it was still pretty good. I think my cookies and cream was the best.

One more foodie picture to share...

If you're ever in San Diego, check out Old Town. It's a whole street of Mexican eats. It was also a fun drinking spot at night. This restaurant gave a ton of food for a great price. The people on the table next to us had some big ass margaritas. O.k., I'm done talking about food in San Diego. It's time for me to jump on the Wii Fit and burn!!! See ya later.

Comic Con

Just back from San Diego Comic Con! It was a crazy time with tons of people. The weather was beautiful!

Check out the view from our room at the Sheraton.

We had many interesting sightings on this trip. Saw Lofa of Atypical Living at the Mindstyle Booth.

Angry Little Girls creator Lela Lee was signing autographs. She wasn't angry at all! She was really cool.

We passed Richard Dreyfuss who was doing an appearance at one of the booths.

We spotted Angry Woebot doing a signing for his print/t-shirt release and on another day, we spotted him doing some painting at Munky King.

Stay tuned for more from our trip! Lots of pictures of food, toys, and more!!

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yogurtland, Bob's, & the BIG SALE

So Bruce was hearing all this hype about Yogurtland (across from UH), so we decided to check it out the other night. It was busy and there was a pretty long line that moved quickly. Tons of serve yourself flavors to choose from and topping galore. You make it, they weigh it, and you pay. It tasted like frozen yogurt to me, but I guess you can't beat the thrill of self-serving!

After all that yogurt, we realized that we hadn't had dinner. I know, I know, that's what chubby people do! We eat! Anyway, we went to Bob's Bar-B-Que in Kalihi. I was born and raised here and this was my first time eating at this Kalihi landmark!

After much debate, I decided to get the grilled saba. It was delicious!

P.S. If you have any gross stories about Bob's, don't tell me! I don't want to know!!
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Here's more info about the August 12th event that I was telling you about!! Get your tickets and enjoy a night of fashion, fun, and fundraising for Kanu Hawaii.  Click on the poster to see it big! Please check out Kanu's website to get more information about this awesome organization.  What's your pledge? 

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Monday, July 7, 2008

wallets & bags galore

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Friday, July 4, 2008

August 12th-Save the Date!!

Calling all fashionistas and hipsters who want to do good! Save the date: August 12th 2008!! Yes, mark it on your calendars because we'll be at Waterfront in Aloha Tower (the old Kapono's) for the "Green is the New Black" event. A fashion show featuring split obsession, Allison Izu denim, Fashionista's Market, and Jessica's traveling boutique will be part of the evening of fun! Tanna and the gang over at the Wedding Cafe are putting on this event to launch "Divas Doing Good." I'll have more details in the weeks to come, but I'm telling you, SAVE THE DATE!! You don't want to miss this chance to give back to your community while checking out some of the hottest fashion in Hawaii.

4th of July & LA trip

Happy 4th of July everyone! Hope you're out at a barbeque or on the beach today. Maybe you'll check out the new fireworks show in Hawaii Kai? If you're in the area, Koko Marina is having its indoor/outdoor sale this weekend. Come and check us out for hot summer deals and brand new summer arrivals!! In fact, I just got back from a buying trip in L.A. While I was there, I visited the new Bape store on Melrose.

Pretty awesome! The revolving shoe case was neat and the guys were very helpful. After all that work and shopping, I had to have some frozen yogurt in Little Tokyo.

As soon as I have a chance, I'll post some pics of my favorite fashion finds. Hope to see you this weekend!