Friday, August 1, 2008

Grass Hut, Itokin Park, & Ron English

Still wishing we were on vacation! Lots of our favorite artists were at Comic Con. Here we are with Scrappers and Le Merde from Oregon. We bought lots of goodies from this bunch, including tees, paintings, and toys. I know I probably could've taken a better picture, but they were so busy sketching!!! Awesome stuff.

We also got to meet Itokin Park at the Super 7 booth. Here he is, drawing on my tote bag.
We had to check out Ron English at Toy Tokyo. Bruce is a huge fan. Can you see his Obama poster in the back?

Besides all the awesome artists, check out these famous characters standing in front of our hotel. Only in San Diego in July at Comic Con...

How's about this action?

Fun times! Have a great weekend everyone. Hope to see you in Hawaii Kai! Have you bought your tickets to "Green is the New Black"? Pretty sure it's going to sell out, so buy, buy, buy!!!

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