Friday, November 14, 2008

Be a Green Shopper!!!

Wanna go green at the market??? Local company, Len & Jen, are bringing cuteness to the recyclable grocery bag (my favorite is the pineapple girl). With 3 different designs, you can fit tons of groceries into these durable, washable bags. One bag holds 2 boxes of cereal, a carton of milk, a bag of cookies, a bag of arare, and some canned goods. You can even fit two bags of ice into one. Sold exclusively at split obsession, buy 1 for $10 or $25 for a 3 pack (one of each color that comes on a hook). We're talking awesome Christmas presents!!!

1 comment:

dez/buttrpecan1 said...

those are cute! next time i come i'm pickin these up!