Sunday, December 28, 2008

Obama eating shave ice...

There was tons of excitement the day after Christmas! Bruce and I were bracing for returns and exchanges from Christmas, when one of our customers informed us that Obama was eating shave ice at Kokonuts. Being in disbelief, I had to check it out myself. Sure enough, there was tons of secret service and a roped off area for Obama and his girls. He had rainbow shave ice!!

It was extremely cool to see our next president at Koko Marina.
Or course later that night was the island-wide blackout, making everything extra memorable! Craziness and no electricity in Hawaii Kai until 3:30 pm-ish the next day. We hope you survived the dark, and split obsession is definitely back up and running! Hope you all had a great Christmas. Bruce and I feel so blessed to have such awesome customers and friends.

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