Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Girl's Day & Happy Birthday Bear!!!

Since it's Girl's Day, go out and buy yourself something pretty!!  Maybe a maxi dress?  These are gonna be big again this spring.  

Maybe some pretty accessories???  Load on those bracelets to jazz up any outfit!
Happy Birthday Bear!!  She hasn't been in the store much, as she now has a pink palace and large t.v. to enjoy during the day.  However, she did make an appearance yesterday.  She took the hugs and kisses from customers like a champ.  Then she was rewarded with her delicious birthday cupcake from our neighbors at Bark Ave...thanks to Auntie Toobs!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bear!! From the L*A*B Family!! We miss you guys!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bear!! from the L*A*B* Family!! We miss you guys!!