Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jasper Wong, Liliha Bakery, Friends With You & Bear's Cupcake

Last night, Bruce and I went to check out Jasper Wong's artshow at Ong King. Awesome work as usual from Jasper. The detail in each art piece has you finding new things everytime you look at them. Based out of Hong Kong, Jasper has shows coming up this year in France, Chicago, & LA. Definitely one of our favorite artists from Hawaii!

We especially liked "Nerds and Squares." 49 perfectly different faces in the happiest of colors!!

You can also check out some of Jasper's work on our site, too!

After the show, we were hungry and ready to eat! We walked around downtown since it was First Friday, but all the restaurants were too crowded. We opted for Liliha Bakery. After sitting at the counter for some excellent grub, we had to take home some delicious pastries. Don't adjust the color on your screen...there's new green tea puffs. I tried one and got the standard cocoa puff, too. Both delicious, but I'm addicted to the traditional chantilly!!!

Earlier this week, we had a bit of an obsession with the Friends with You blindbox. It was impossible to stop opening them, once we saw one of the mysteries. Mystery or not, the whole series is awesome and so well made! Shake shake and you've got sound with each one, too. These guys are all living on our television now.

Bear had an obsession, too. She loved the doggy cupcake from our neighbors at Bark Ave. Thanks Auntie Kay for spoiling the Bear!

Hope you're having a great weekend and enjoying this weather!!

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