Thursday, June 26, 2008

Natasha's Skin Care & Summer Zoo Concerts

On my previous blog, I featured my favorite aesthetician, Natasha. As you know, that blog got erased, so I am going to reiterate the awesomeness of Natasha's services. A bunch of my friends are her clients because of my testimonial. If you're looking for someone to wax or give you a facial, call Natasha at 808-956-1414 for appointments. She's conveniently located in town on Beretania.

Now if you're looking for a really great family event this summer, check out the zoo concert series every Wednesday! I went with my nephew and various family members this past week. Roy Sakuma does an awesome job and a $2 admission is well worth it. You can bring the kids, look at the animals, pack a picnic and enjoy!!! It was a great crowd and so nice to see so many families out! Check out this article for more info and a list of performers: I snagged the picture of Roy with the elephants from this article. I mean who else on this great earth gets to play 'ukulele for elephants! That's awesome.

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